Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fremantle train station - full bikepark & happiness

Yesterday I decided to just ride to the station instead of riding the whole way to work. By 7.45am most of the bike parking area was full so I grabbed one of the last spots. It was then I realised how happy I felt seeing all those bikes, it meant lots of people were cycling...don't ever get that feeling when I drive and the carpark is full and you have to park further away. Then seeing Simone and her bright panniers made me smile even more. Life is often happier by bike!
Trusty lavender Indi 500 sneaks into one of the last spots


  1. Absolutely! Also,I love that you can pedal up to the lights and chit chat with a complete stranger.



    1. definitely, people always seem friendlier on a bike than in a car!

  2. The bike parking is always pretty much full by 8am, it's amazing! And there's so much of it compared to a few years ago (it must be the largest bike parking in Perth by a long shot??), yet they still should increase it now!